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Analytics, Technology & Planning (ATP) · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Department Analytics, Technology & Planning (ATP)
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Data Science at DHS

At Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS), our mission is to improve the welfare of the County’s most vulnerable residents. We operate, influence, and fund essential services worth over $1 billion that more than 200,000 residents depend on each year, including treatment for mental health and addiction, homeless housing, and child and older adult protective services. Over the past 20 years, we have built a national reputation for being on the cutting edge of state and local governments using analytics and technology to deliver more effective and efficient public services. While we know much more about the use of analytics and software than when we first started, we still have much to learn. Above all, we are convinced that there remain significant opportunities for data and technology to improve the lives of our clients, and for DHS to extend its leadership role in inspiring governments to make similar investments.

Data Scientist Fellowship

We’re looking for a data scientist with depth in machine learning (predictive modeling) or economics (applied microeconomics and causal inference) and recently awarded Ph.D. in economics, computer science, statistics, or related field to come join our data science team for a fixed 2-year Data Science Fellowship. The Data Science Fellowship is a new program designed to attract recent graduates to leverage nationally recognized, integrated human services data and partner with world-class academics to help us conduct research that improves outcomes for our most vulnerable residents. The program is a fixed 2-year commitment, after which candidates can leverage their research portfolio to apply for academic positions, remain at DHS on a full-time basis, or pursue other opportunities. Our bet is that great talent, even in time-limited commitments, can result in a step function improvement in the quality of work in local government.

The data science team owns DHS’s measurement problems and predictive models, with a team charter of: (1) creating feedback loops on our performance by learning about the efficacy of programs and interventions and informing DHS’s funding commitments; and (2) augmenting human judgement to improve operations and optimize constrained resources, such as case worker bandwidth. The data scientists will collaborate closely with our 40-person Analytics team, Technology team, program managers, and senior leadership to help identify what works and why, iterate and experiment with new approaches to service delivery, improve human decision making, build better software, and convert analytics into automated, extensible products.

Strong candidates for the role will be clear, organized thinkers about complicated empirical questions, have a bias toward simplicity over methodological complexity, and possess a sound grasp of the fundamentals in their field. With our nationally recognized integrated data and talented teammates to support empirical work, ideal candidates will be intellectually curious and fearless about tackling difficult, unsolved problems for the department. Additionally, you must be comfortable interacting with technical and non-technical stakeholders and work backwards from client needs to guide your priorities and delivery, helping to drive analyses that improve client outcomes.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a core competency in at least one of economics or machine learning, with specific areas of interest in predictive modeling, time series forecasting, and causal inference/applied microeconomics (public, labor, or development economics).
  • Has a Ph.D. in economics, statistics, computer science, quantitative marketing, finance, or related field (Ph.D. must have been awarded no longer than 2 years ago).
  • Can commit to a two-year fellowship.
  • Has a track record of applied research and/or industry experience in building machine learning or causal models to answer real-world problems.
  • Balances speed of delivery with upholding high standards on quality.
  • Has a desire to do end-to-end applied research on an early-stage team, from idea scoping and prioritization to analysis and insights delivery.
  • Can create simple, elegant models and artifacts that influence our internal operations and beyond.
  • Maintains a flexible approach to problem solving, prioritizing impact over technical complexity.
  • Has knowledge of a statistical programming language such as Python, R, or Stata and familiarity with a programming language for querying structured data.



  • Resume and/or LinkedIn profile

If hired for a position, candidates would work for Allegheny County, Department of Human Services and be employed by Computer Aid, Inc.


 DHS strives to be the kind of place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come to grow and do their best work.” 

  -From the organization’s statement on Equity and Inclusion



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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    Analytics, Technology & Planning (ATP)
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    FT - Computer Aid, Inc.